Description of the interface


  1. Line tool

  2. Arc tool

  3. Color to use for line, arc, and text tools

  4. Line thickness to use for line and arc tools

  5. Text tool

  6. Text to use for text tool

  7. Eraser tool

  8. Undo the last thing that was drawn

  9. Open the menu for app options (Project, Units, Snaps)

  10. Link to these help documents

  11. Position or dimension information

  12. Cursor position

  13. Hints about what to do


Q. Can I zoom in and out on the drawing, or pan around? A. No, maybe someday. Right now you are limited to the size of your browser window.

Q. Can I add multiple layers, sheets, or pages? A. No. Best you could do currently is open multiple browser tabs and save the projects separately.

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